Under the name L’ Auberge des Governors , 15 business men from Val d or worked together to build a prestigious hotel , back than you could find 104 rooms , one dining room , a bar and an indoor swimming pool.


L’Auberge des Gouverneurs is than taken over by group Espalau, which already owns L’Escale and Pal’s Motel. The group has now a hold on the upcoming hotels in Val d or.


The hotel than changes the name Auberge des Gouverneurs to become Hotel Confortel. In the same year we celebrate the new addition of 25 000 pi2 to the existing building which becomes the regional congress center.The new addition can welcome up to 600 guests for banquets, this new service adds dynamic to his operations as to define a particular vocation for conventions , meetings and banquets.


The group Espalau changes strategies and decides to sell all its active hotels (5 hotels in total) He sells his last properties in 1995 to private investors in Val Dor.


Hotel Confortel changes owner and name to Hotel Forestel .The new name was chosen in reference to the economic activity in the region which is forestry and mining.


Now with one owner active in the hotel, known as the general director, important changes are announced for the fallowing years.


A big renovation project is underway for all the hotel complex with a total of 12.5 M$ to be invested and 4 years to accomplish the necessary upgrades to modernize the hotel .With the new additions the hotel is now classified 4 stars , the hotel has everything to charm our guests with its.


New look and great service ! We have a variety of clientele, mostly corporate and groups, we try to accommodate everyone!